Spin Wheels

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I did a search and found nothing historical.

They're extremely compelling for a 50mm carbon rim and the weight seems great: http://www.spincycleworks.com/servlet/t ... ILT/Detail

Can someone please tell me what rim I'm really looking at here? Is it farsports or something? http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/70535 ... ncher.html
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    You can buy Planet-X wheels for £400 - same quality of components i.e. generic Chinese/Taiwanese - get some stickers off ebay if you don't like the P-X ones.
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  • I have a set, as do a few guys in my club and they are fantastic. Some of the guys that have ridden Zipp carbon wheels say that they are just as good and half the price. It's only a small company and the customer service is 1st class.

    I would 100% recommend them, you won't be disappointed.