DT Swiss 2.0 Wheelset - Will it take 9-speed?

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I've recently got a Specialized Tarmac that has comes with the DT Swiss 1.0 Wheelset, running 9-speed Sora components.

I have a DT Swiss 2.0 Wheelset from another bike and wondered if the 2.0 wheels would take a 9-speed cassette? The 10-speed cassette that is on the 2.0 wheels doesn't require a spacer on the hub, if you put one on it means you can't tighten the cassette to the hub. This makes me think it is 10-speed compatible only, but wanted to see if anyone had any experience in putting 9-speed cassette on DT Swiss 2.0 hubs?

Thanks for your help.


  • Brief answer is, 'probably'. The freehub body is the variable here, rather than the wheelset per se, and as long as you aren't trying to put a shimano cassette on a campag freehub or similar (which you can't do because the manufacturer's make sure that they aren't compatible) then you shouldn't really have a problem. Most 9/10 speed systems I'm familiar with use the same freehubs and there shouldn't be a need for spacers - just undo the lockring, slide the 10 speed cassette off, put the 9 speed on and tighten the lock ring back up.
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    Hi stabilised,

    Thanks for the quick & detailed reply, much appreciated. As you say, it is probably best I whip the cassettes off and swap them over to give it a go. If they tighten up okay then all should be fine....fingers crossed!
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    As far as I'm aware the width of a 9 speed and 10 speed cassette are the same width (as in an 8 speed) - actually the 10 speed may even be very slightly narrower from memory. This is the reason why indexed shifters can't work for different speed cassettes - the movement between sprockets is different on them. So has above, as long as the freehub body is compatible there should be no problem (as well as the Shimano / Campag lack of compatibility I believe there is also a problem with Dura Ace cassettes on other Shimano freehubs but not 100% on that).