Alternatives to RS30

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Need some new wheels on a tight budget, seen the RS30's on Ribble for £120, are these any good for the price? what alternatives are there in this price bracket?




  • elderone
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    to save a bit then R501,s in same 30mm rim will be pretty close.There is only a few grammes difference in weight and look identicle tbf.I got some and there very good wheels for the money.Think about £30 cheaper on ribble as well.
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  • Bobbinogs
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    I would be tempted to spend £130 on some 2010 Mavic Aksiums from here. Failing that, £170 gets you some 2013 ones from Merlin, etc. Good solid wheel that is also reasonably light, spins well and looks like it costs a lot more.
  • Had Aksiums before, after a cheap replacement due to unfixable buckle, just pushed the button on some AL-30s for £99 and £10 on the tools to swap the cassette over. gonna save up the pennies for some nice wheels next year I think
  • The RS30s are good for that price. I have them, have had no problems in the last couple of years, and like riding them. I would say they are similar in quality to my mate's Aksiums.
  • With the current 10% off code at Ribble, the RS30s are now £109.75.

    That was good enough to convince me to go for them to complete the bits I need to build up the Scott CR1 frame I got from Westbrook when they were cheap a while ago.