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Fixed Charge Plug 1/8 3/32?

bushubushu Posts: 711
edited September 2013 in Workshop
Just rebuilt my Charge Plug Freestyler with many issues, going fixed saved some headaches though not what I initially wanted I'm happy with it. Just wondering whether I would be better converting the whole chainset to 1/8, are there any issues or premature wear problems running wider chains on narrow chainrings?

Just ordered kmc Z610 hx which is 3/32 the same as the chainring & a dura-ace track sprocket but crc didn't provide on option for width :?


  • bushubushu Posts: 711
    Pics of quick test ride, bike & myself still covered in pt polylube
    also before anyone mentions it, Yes I know the chain was slack!
  • TommyEssTommyEss Posts: 1,855
    3/32 is the width - running everything the same width is best. You can run a slightly wider 1/8 chain on 3/32 sprockets and chainring - can be useful to "soak up" a less than perfect chainline, but not what you'd choose if you were buying new components all round.

    In short - everything looks compatible.

    Where are your brakes?
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  • bushubushu Posts: 711
    on eBay :lol: the new ones were too much faff to fit so decided upon fixed gear
    Just hoping the dura-ace sprocket that crc send is 3/32 as the chain and chainring, thank you for putting my mind at rest with the 1/8 compatibility :)
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