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I currently have a scwinn fastback, road bike for the last 7 years and it comes with 700/23c wheels, tyres. I recently started going more on gravel paths/trail routes and the skinny tyres are brutal. The wheels are shimano r501 clinchers, I think they can only support up to 25 mm tyres which would offer not much more support. Can I buy different wheels to accommodate say 31i tyres, and would these fit my bike, I'm guessing probably not but am not sure.


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    I don't think the 31's will fit at all.
  • Looking on shimanos site, it says the r501 can support 28i tyres, are there 28i knobbly tyres available or something in between like a cyclocross 28i tyre, my brother has 28i on his bikie and they dont look any different than my 23i.
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    There are all sorts of knobbly type tyres of different widths from all the manufacturers a quick google will help.
    Just make sure there is enough clearance on the frame etc. before you buy. :)
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    The determining factor will be the clearances under your brake calipers / fork crown. With most 700c rims, you can safely go up to 30mm, but few road bikes with shirt-drop calipers will let you go above 25mm. If you want bigger, you'll need to look at a CX bike where 32-35mm is the norm. At the other extreme, I'm running Surly Knard 3" wide tyres on 700c (29er) rims on my MTB!
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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    with shirt-drop calipers
    I'm more concerned about shirt-lift calipers where I live. :lol:
  • I just put on some 700x 28cc road tyres they just fit but the clearance between the brake caliper is marginal, just went out on 22 mile ride mainly off road on gravel and seemed ok, not sure if it was rubbing/catching? possibly but didnt come off and am still here. They definitely felt slower than the 23mm that were on previously though, whether that was because they were catching the brakes or the wider size I'm not sure, would love a cyclocross bike though, there's a lovely one from cannondale for around £1300, anyone feeling generous.