Why is my ankle (achilles tendon) tingling?

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I do quite a bit of exercise, but for the last 3 weeks my achilles tendon / ankle has had a light tingling sensation in it after exercise.

I stopped working it for 10 days after I had some pain at the bottom of my calf just above the tendon when I was running. After the rest the tingling subsided almost completely, but went for a 10 minute jog this evening and it's now tingling again. It's not painful though, just annoying.

Does anyone have any ideas what it is and what I can do about it?

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  • fossyant
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    Take it easy. Gently introduce the running.

    If no pain then OK.
  • I've suffered with achilles problems for the last few years. My advice is to cut right back on any sports involving running to a maximum of twice a week (i.e. 3/4 days apart) and to definitely avoid any running that involves hill climbing as this puts even more stretch on the tendon.

    Biking seems to really help me as it's no impact on the achilles but still works the legs.

    At the worst part I was in agony even pressing the pedals when driving but I am now 100% pain free :)