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Anyone have any experiences with them they could share?

I'm thinking of buying one (probably entry level Scenero), but the nearest dealer I can find is 50-60 miles away so I'd like to find some other opinions on them before I go all that way for a test ride.


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    Not ridden one but apparently are very good, though not the lightest or most comfortable for the money.
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  • Brian B
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    I have had Storck bike's for the last 8 years. Had a Scenario 0.9 until I trashed it in an accident and replaced it with the heavier 1.1 and its been great for the last 5 years and still looks brand new despite the heavy mileage.

    My Scenario climbs great, rock steady on descents and really fast all round. All Storck bikes look great also and turn heads at events and at café stops.

    Negatives - All Storck's are rigid and engineered for transfer of power and therefore if coupled with the right wheels makes them extremely fast but can be too uncomfortable for some people as you will feel every bump in the road. I have done up 185miles on my bike though and survived.

    I have had my Storck over every moor and hill from North England to the tip of Scotland, Alps, Pyrenees and Mt Ventoux and performed well on every terrain.

    Well worth a look.
    Brian B.