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I picked-up my bike after a service at the weekend and first ride back today there is a noticeable pull to the left.

It's pretty dramatic, even with my hands on the bars I'm constantly having to correct my line. Going down onto the drops seems to make the problem worse, or at least feel worse.

I stopped a few times, checked the stem which at least looks straight with no movement, the weels look to be running true and are correctly in the dropouts.

Any ideas what else to check?
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  • antfly
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    Wheel dish, if they have been trued, could be out.
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  • mattsaw
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    Cheers, I'll ask, but they didn't mention working on the whels while it was in.
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  • might be a problem with outer cable length, if one is too long/short it may pull left or right.
    If not check your headset