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I have had a Surly LHT for 2 years now. Never done any big distance until Friday when did 94 miles. The spec of the LHT is as per the box ie long stem the tilts upward and cheap (Kalloy I think) seatpost. I have changed the saddle for Turbo to SMarco Rolls. I know I could use the Rolls all day.
However my backside is hanging off the back of the saddle and it ain't comfortable.
Heres what else I can add:
-there are masses of spacers on the headset
-the rails on the Rolls won't let me put it back any further
-I reckon I need 2 to 3 cms more saddle to sit on (this is based on other bikes I own)
-maybe I need a seat post that is set back ?
-the frame is the right height, any bigger and i wouldn't be able to swing my leg over the top tube

Any help much appreciated, David


  • If the current seatpost doesn't give adequate setback, then I'd start by buying one that fits the saddle and has more setback.

    Perhaps compare measurement of the Surly with another bike that fits more comfortably.

    Jay Kosta
    Endwell NY USA
  • You could change the seat post as you have said, there are many that you could get with a set back to suit. The other option would be to change the stem for one with a flatter angle but longer, this will lower the bars but if you use a longer one with the same angle it will raise the bars.

    It all depends on why your backside is hanging off the back of the saddle, is it because of your reach to the bars or because of how your knee sits in relation to the pedals? The former needs a longer stem while the latter needs a further set back seat post.
  • Thanks folks. As the UK poster suggested this might not be as simple as I thought. The front of a LHT looks pretty freaky to start with. Lengthening the stem might make it even worse. I think I may have to go down the LBS this weekend and get a second opinion. I had a look at some set back Thomson seat posts last night, and I am not sure they would move me much further back.
    Thanks, David
  • Resolved, I think. The stem on an LHT is really long. I was stretched out to reach the tops and hoods. As a result my backside was being pushed too far back ~ think Graeme Obree without talent. Actions were:
    a) cheap & short FSA stem
    b) one spacer taken out so bars are lower

    15M this morning, all good so far. David
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    Does your LHT have the same length cranks as your other bikes. Saddles are positioned in relation to pedals so if they are shorter than you are used to, the saddle may feel to far forward.