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Hi Guys
been cycling every other day now for around 4-5 months, managed to do 32 miles this morning, will admit tired this evening but pleased with what I have managed, oh did it with an average speed of 12.1mph.


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    Good man keep it going ;)

    You'll find the fitter you are the faster you go but the effort cycling remains the same :)
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    My top distance so far is also 32 miles with a average speed between 15-17 mph.

    Quite satisfying seeing the distance and speeds slowly getting better.

    Did 32 again today and there were lots of other cyclists out doing a run down the b4000.

    Now flown out to Copenhagen for a week on business so no biking for me.
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  • Keep up the good work. I managed 60km (36ish miles) last week with an average of 22kph (13.6mph) but you'll find that the longer you ride, the easier it becomes if you do it regularly :)
  • Keep going chaps. Last autumn I 'decided' 20 miles was as much as I wanted to do. Now I can't see myself being happy with a weekend ride under 50.
  • Thanks for all the replies guys, all good stuff
  • It gets easier!
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    DanielMcD wrote:
    It gets easier!

    Na you just go faster ;)