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My P7 is now ScandALous !! Posts: 463
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For anyone who has followed my thread on changing my frame for a new one will know i have decided on a One-One ScandAL and the bike has now transformed and here it is.... ... cb0455.jpg ... 15ceb3.jpg ... 7ad1ce.jpg ... b3348f.jpg ... a6938a.jpg

Let me know what you think?

Here is the Spec:

18" Alloy Matt Black On-One Scandal frame
Exotic Carbon rigid forks
XT Double chain set with Gamut bash guard
XT Bottom Bracket
XT front mech
XT 10 spd rear mech
XTR 10 spd chain ( for now, may change to a KCNC superlight Gold chain)
XT 10 spd Cassette
XT 10 spd shifters
SLX Brakes/ Saint calipers

Thomson inline seatpost
Thomson x4 90mm stem
Easton Haven bars
Fiz'ik Gobi saddle
Charge Grips
Superstar Uno headset in red
Superstar superlight seatclamp in red
Carbon Spacers

Mavic Crossride rims
Schwalbe City Jet or Continental Rubber Queen Tyres
Superstar carbon Q/R skewers in red
Superstar floating Rotors in red
Superstar Ti Rotor Bolts in red


  • mcnultycopmcnultycop Posts: 2,143
    Can't see your pics.
  • Altered it onto Photobucket, realized i had sent link to my email addy lol
  • mcnultycopmcnultycop Posts: 2,143
    Sweet, love my Scandal.
  • I love the red and black combo, was going to change it for purple and black but would have meant a lot more searching for all purple bits lol.. Looks very stealthy
  • Posts: 463
    edited September 2013
    8) :P
  • step83step83 Posts: 3,997
    Same colour scheme as mine just better components! very nice bike ;)
  • Cheers mate your spec isnt too shabby either but yeah i love my new ride its light and very responsive
  • GiraffotoGiraffoto Posts: 2,078
    Good choice of spec. What's it for and where do you ride it? I'm particularly intrigued by the combination of slick tyres and downhill brakes.

    My Scandal with way more red
    Specialized Roubaix Elite 2015
    XM-057 rigid 29er
  • I only have the slicks on there Giraffalo because i do alot of roading riding but the sharpness and excellent control from the Saint/SLX is awsome for when i do go offroad places like Wendover woods or Aston Hill
  • Hey all i have made a tremendous ***k up i have managed to round off a stem bolt on my Thomson stem that badly i cannot get it off via conventional means even tried tapping in a flat head screw driver, so the long and short is i have ruined the stem trying to remove it and am having to resort to drilling the the bolt out.

    does anyone have a 90mm Thomson X4 or as an alternative an Easton Haven stem of similar size ( pref black one) PLZZZZ

    Thanks in advance!
  • GiraffotoGiraffoto Posts: 2,078
    If you haven't started drilling yet, take it to a proper engineer to get the bolt removed. It won't destroy the stem and all you'll need is a bolt to replace the one you ruined. With the money you save, get a torque wrench and some proper hex bits
    Specialized Roubaix Elite 2015
    XM-057 rigid 29er
  • Am ashamed to say mate it was with the torque wrench that i did it lol lol !!

    The bolt was that round i had no other way to get it off other than literally force the clamp apart with a screwdriver and claw hammer it is well and truly FBAR..d
    I would send you a pic but i am embarrassed lol
  • GiraffotoGiraffoto Posts: 2,078
    If you'd simply drilled out the head of the bolt with progressively larger bits, it would have come away from the shaft without any damage to the stem. You'd then have released the bolt shaft from any tension and could have gotten it out very easily, and the stem would be off the bike and easier to work on. Now I realize that once you've gone down the route of carpentry tools it's too late for this advice, but it may still be of some use in the future. Also . . .

    Make sure your torque wrench is calibrated
    Make sure you're looking at the right scale (NM, foot pound, inch pound)
    Make sure you have good hex bits
    Use it slowly
    When you're clamping something with two bolts, it's half a turn on one, half a turn on the other until you get a click
    When it all goes wrong, take a moment to stop and think. Go and put the kettle on while you consider your options
    Specialized Roubaix Elite 2015
    XM-057 rigid 29er
  • Cheers mate yeah i got a great torque wrench with proper bits enclosed my fault i should have stopped tightening the bolt when it started creaking lol oh well gives me a reason to go buy the Easton Haven stem i want all be it an expensive lesson
    thanks for the help
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