Upgrade my Focus Cayo?

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Riding for just over a year now so relatively new to the cycling world.
I have a Focus Cayo 1.0 http://www.wiggle.co.uk/focus-cayo-10-force-2012/

It's seen a good amount of use and I'm looking to change or upgrade. It's currently stock.
Unfortunately a Cervelo S3 I was drooling over at the weekend is out of budget. What do the massive suggest? Upgrade bike or upgrade components? Is the frame worth upgrading wheels and group set (with Di2 looking favourable if it fits)?



  • phreak
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    I've had a 1.5 for 3/4 years now. Added some new wheels (Easton 90SLX) 2/3 years ago. Changed the rear cassette as well for a different set of gears. That's been about it, apart from the usual lot of new chains etc.

    It's served me really well, including several trips abroad, climbing some big mountains on her.

    What is it you want to achieve with your riding?