Grand Canyon CF SL 6.9 vs AL SLX 9.9 (2014)

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As much as I really don't want to add another thread to this particular forum I'm really struggling with comparing these two 29ers. I've done a bunch of searching but I'm not really coming up with much to help me.

Carbon vs aluminium aside, the major differences appear to be:

Fork: Fox 32 Float CTD Evolution vs FIT Terralogic
Brakes: Formula C1 vs Shimano Deore XT
Wheels: Mavic Crossride vs DT Swiss Spline M1700
Cranks: Shimano SLX M675 vs Shimano Deore XT M785

Is there anything in there that might be a deal breaker? One particular component that stands out as far better than what's being used on the other bike?

...and just to put the cat amongst the pigeons, are there any other (trail hardtail) bikes I should be considering in the £1500 price range?


  • Theres not much in it spec wise. I'd plump for the XTbrakes but Formula are perfectly solid brakes.

    Other thing to consider that might swing it. The Carbon bike is a quarter* kilo lighter which may make it feel a touch spritelier. Also - carbon is good for absorbing some vibration out of te trail making for a more comfortable ride over aluminium. I'd go for the one with the best frame - get the carbon one..

  • Cheers, I guess I could always upgrade the brakes if I didn't like them.

    How about the fork? I'd heard that there have been some issues with the 2013 CTD model.
  • Most gripes have been aimed at the fully open (descend) setting on the CTD (climb,trail,descend) damper which has apparently (not ridden one of this years myself) been ploughing through travel far too fast/easily - doesn't support the fork in high load corners etc. That said many reviewers seem to indicate that the trail setting is nigh on perfect for most riding - you just lack the most plush setting for when things get really gnarly stuff. The climb setting is pretty much locked out and is therefore not really commented on much other than it works!

    Fox have apparently made changes to the 2014 forks to sort this out so as the bikes your looking at have 2014 forks - id expect them to be much improved in the descend setting now and equally good in the trail setting (which is probably where it will be most the time!)
  • Top stuff. Thanks.
  • I think the Evolution fork is open bath so not as good damping