Is my frame cracked?

stiscooby Posts: 139
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I have a Boardman Comp, which I have had from new since Feb of this year but little use so far, anyway........... having been out on a ride today I gave the bike a quick once over when I got back home and noticed what "appears" to be a possible crack on the frame?? It also looks like it has been painted over so must have been like this from Halfrauds or the factory etc?

What do you all think, a little hard to tell but does look like a potential crack, or am I getting over excited?

Do I need to get this taken back to Halfrauds to get it looked at....... or nothing to worry about?

Oh, and its right at the end of one of the chain stays (I believe that’s the term, lol) where it joins the bottom of the seat post tube. ... AG0077.jpg ... 8.jpg.html