What bike £1500-2k and why?

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I've always ridden road bikes for training purposes. I've had 2 Giant TCR advances, a Litespeed, Focus Cayo and a Tifosi over the past 7 years. They've all came and gone with quitting my chosen discipline which was BMX, focusing on my apprenticeship and then work commitments I've been on and off riding in this time.

Now I do have a little more time I'd like to get back riding for general fitness, and I'm going to sign up for sme sportives to give me something to work towards and keep me motivated.

I'm 23, 5' 11" and around 80kg give or take.

I'm predominantly after comfort rather than speed, I'm not going to be entering the tour anytime soon so I'd rather do 100 miles with as much comfort as possible (if possible :? ) rather than 5 minutes faster.

I'd also like to get the most for my money, which I'm sure everyone does.

My budget is no more than £2000 I can't really warrant spending more than this to be perfectly honest. The bikes that have caught my eye so far are -

Pinarello FP due 105 (always liked the look of pinarellos) £1799
Focus Cayo evo 4 (remember reading a good review) £1498
Ribble Gran Fondo with Ultegra 6700 group set and wheels £1669 or with
Campag centaur group set and campag scirocco 35mm wheels £1387 (however I know nothing about Campag)

As said all I want is a nice looking bike, which has good components and overall is comfy.

So if anyone has any user opinions on there bikes, with this in mine I'd really appreciate your input. Once I've got a short list ill find LBS that stock them and test ride.

Thanks :)


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    If you want comfort a specialized roubaix is a very good choice. It's a good time to buy as this year's model are reduced up to 25% now.
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  • Thanks antfly - ive always looked at them as being comfy with those inserts but never really gave them a thought. Ill check them out
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    Can,t mention comfort without the giant defy range getting a look in.
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    I have one, {roubaix} I am always amazed at how comfy it is after I have been using my other bikes, and without any apparent loss of speed. The comfort just makes it feel slower.
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  • Just reading a few quick reviews does sound like its worth checking out. Can't seem to find anything other than 10% off, however ill keep looking.

    The Roubaix comp looks nicer than the elite, however the comp at 2250 and the elite at 1620, I can't justify spending 600+ on looks.
  • If you are considering ribble its worth looking at planet x

    £2k http://www.planet-x-bikes.co.uk/i/q/CBP ... _road_bike

    £1.5k http://www.planet-x-bikes.co.uk/i/q/CBP ... _road_bike
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  • I did come across the Ti Planet X bike, which does look really smart. Do you know what the pros are for Ti frame rather than carbon? I assume its just more robust if crashed?
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    thats a good budget so you have a lot of room to play, i'd suggest riding as many different bikes as you can, oh and dont forget Canyon or even Cervelo who are now offering the R3 black which is a rebadged R5 fully built with shimano 103 for £2k

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  • I bought a Moser 111 Ultegra from Wiggle about 4 weeks ago for £1200, list price is about £1900. Fantastic bike in my opinion and you could give it a very nice wheel and tyre upgrade if you want to spend the full £2000. It does have a "race" orientated frame but I find it very comfortable and fast as a very fast thing!!
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    Someone mentioned Canyon, the new CF SL looks good value:- http://www.canyon.com/_en/roadbikes/ser ... cf-sl.html
    Cheers, Stu
  • Gone from MTB'r to reluctant roadie, to leaving the MTB behind 99% of the time mostly because of the amazing versatility and comfort of a Specialized Roubaix.
    Most bikes give me back ache, but the Roubaix CURES IT! Can't promise this result for everyone.
    Get the frame size right, and perhaps get a bike fit within your budget.
    2014 look amazing value with SL4 Geometry across the range, but they've downgraded the carbon, so a 2012/13 with a deal might give you more bike per £.
    Cannot go wrong in my opinion.
  • P.S.. Almost forgot
    The cleverest thing you can do at this price point...
    DON'T buy a £2000 bike.
    Buy a £1500 bike and a £500 set of wheels. Then you get the performance of a £2500 bike.
    Good luck, and have fun choosing.
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    Felt Z5 is around £1500ish, 105 group set, sportive geometry, very comfortable but can be adjusted to be more aggressive
  • chuckla
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    Felt Z5 is around £1500ish, 105 group set, sportive geometry, very comfortable but can be adjusted to be more aggressive