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Kona Manomano 2002

I7 ExtremeI7 Extreme Posts: 228
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So this is my New (old) bike and my first proper dual sus :D

Frame: Kona manomano 2002
Forks: Marzocchi Bomber (exr?)
Bars: Easton e50
Stem: Titec
Headset: Crane creek sealed bearings
Grips: Yeti
Front Brake Lever assy: Giant mph
Front Caliper: Giant MPH
Front disc: ?
Rear Brake Lever assy: Giant MPH
Rear Caliper: Giant MPH
Rear Disc: ?
Hoses: ?
Weight: 30.5 pounds

Shifters: Sram 9.0 sl
Cables: ?
Front Mech: Deore
Rear Mech: Sram 9.0

Seat: Selle Italia flite
Seat Post: selcof
Seat Post Clamp: hope

Cranks: Deore xt hollowtech 2
Chainring(s): ?
Chain: Sram
Cassette: Shimano
Pedals: ?
Bottom Bracket: Hollowtech

Front Wheel:
Rim: Mavix 223
Spokes: ?
Tube: ?
Tire: Tioga xc 1.95

Back Wheel:
Rim: Mavic 223
Spokes: ?
Hub: Shimano
Tube: ?
Tire: Tioga xc 1.95

I Didn't build this bike so it will get quite a lot of customising starting with the front tire, I've bought a folding panaracer rampage 2.35 and an innertube (hasn't arrived yet), I've also ordered some new handlebars and will order a stem once i decide what to get. I'm also looking to get rid of the gripshift, there the best gripshift I've ever used but I still dislike them. After that I might change the headset as I don't really like the colour and how it sticks out a bit. I'm also not sure if I should change the front rim or not. I've also ordered a new saddle and some dustcaps.


  • I7 ExtremeI7 Extreme Posts: 228

    More photo's will arrive with the upgrades
  • mrleemrlee Posts: 499
    Very nice.

    There's nobody footing that ladder by the way. Health and safety would have kittens
  • I7 ExtremeI7 Extreme Posts: 228
    DanDax1990 wrote:
    More pictures needed.
    Yea, I got a bit carried away
  • Should I put this rim on the front wheel?
  • Paul 8vPaul 8v Posts: 5,458
    mrlee wrote:
    Very nice.

    There's nobody footing that ladder by the way. Health and safety would have kittens

    Haha, my first thought when I saw these photos! Doesn't appear to be maintaining three points of contact either :wink:

    Bike looks great, really liked the Konas of this era
  • Yea, my dad needs a lesson on how to use a ladder properly, My new tire's came today :-D Firstly the good one, Panaracer Rampage 2.35 folding DSC_1127.JPG?w=AACAgClDR4awfWpO9TGEDJ7KHxn3xb7He2yZNBlON9S1Bg

    And secondly a £5 dsi 2.125 (more like 1.95) :oops: DSC_1128.JPG?w=AAAZyjcWlMHht5UiXCf5FjTTMLqKfoCkihTzkTPfizlJqg

    And you may have noticed the new temporary wheel, Until I change the rim on the other
  • That is the strangest looking breakset I have ever seen, given the age of the bike that would have been while I was away from MTBing.

    Cool bike though :D
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  • Yea, I THINK there some of the first hydraulic disc brakes, the big reservoir also has an adjustment thing which is pretty cool as most modern hydraulic disk brakes don't have any. Anyway I've just ordered some disc brakes and shifters (shimano M765), I hope there good, now I just need another rear derailleur :)
  • Chainring bolts, it's a pity the cranks a bit messy, just ordered some new chainrings (well crank to take them off)
  • Thats quite nice. I don't really like modern Konas but this looks much nicer.
  • Cheers, I've put my new shifters and brakes on, the brakes are great but the shifters will take a while to get used too as you use the brake leaver to shift up a gear (like a road bike). I also desperately need new grips as these are way too small. Anyway Here's the photo's (since the photo's I've changed the tied the hoses, straightend saddle and adjusted lever)
    9704553830_9f4e86b2bb_z.jpg (The other red rotor bolts are on the other wheel)
  • Have had Most of these bits for a while but haven't uploaded any pictures, I've got a few pulled muscles in my back so couldn't do much this weekend so I took some photo's of my bike. Does anyone have any suggestions on improvements for it? (only fairly cheap as will be selling soon)

  • POAHPOAH Posts: 3,369
    if you are selling it soon why bother changing anything?

    what is the i2i of the shock, if its 165 buy my magura shock lol
  • tarbot18tarbot18 Posts: 531
    id have left the original brakes on if they worked they gave it character and the new shifters look horrendous other than that nice bike .
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  • Yea, the Old brakes worked fine but I didn't like the reservoir tanks and liked the sound of getting deore xt brakes to match my crankset and thought they'd be better, which they are. I can see where your coming from with the shifters, they are a over the top in size and Normal ones would look nicer.
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