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petegee56petegee56 Posts: 20
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Newbie here, I have done some searches for routes around tamworth, most people mention Hopwas woods which i know from walking the dog around, but i was looking for info about routes around Bentley park wood and the atherstone areas, really keen to get out and about. Anyone local. any local clubs, cant find much on google.




  • dempsey1dempsey1 Posts: 320
    lots of tracks/bridleways around baddesley/bentley/ hartshill hayes. i live in baddesley and can do around a variety of techy loops from 1 hour upto 3hours. Best bet is to look on an OS map where you can make out the tracks that follow the contours up and down the atherstone ridge. i've been mtbing around here for 15 years or so and plenty to keep busy and explore on. i'm sure there might be clubs in the area but there are always a few locals out and about. Hopwas woods ok but not really worth more than an hour or so. hope this helps.
  • Thanks for the reply. went up there with a mate yesterday but i think we ended up mising everything by the time we had finished faffing around. Will do another visit and try again

  • happy to help out if you need a guide!
  • That would be great if you dont mind trawling around with a new fella who has not quite got his full cycling fitness up yet

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