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Cycling in Andalusia - my videos about the climbs

gyorgyigaborgyorgyigabor Posts: 52
edited February 2015 in Tour & expedition
Hello !

Last year I cycled 12 days in Andalusia and beside cycling few days along the sea I visited high mountains riding my touring bike.
Preiously I uploaded my video about cycling from the sea to Pico Veleta (3396 m),
now I added 2 videos to my collection ( ) : they're going above 2000 m too and can be found in Andalusia.
The 1st, Puerto de la Ragua (2000 m) can be found in Sierra Nevada, the same mountain range, where Pico Veleta can be found: it is a panoramic road!
The 2nd climb is not too known: Tetica de Bacares (2080 m, with 360 degrees panorama) is situated ca. 80 kms North from Almeria.
There is a saddle not far from the peak: Puerto de Velefique (1860 m): it was visited by Vuelta a'Espagna I think minimum twice. I saw Indurain sign on a rock along the mountain road. The ascent to that saddle is very scenic because of the lot of hairpin-bends.

Puerto de la Ragua (2000 m) northern ascent:

Tetica de Bacares (2080 m) from South:
In the video the climb starts at the ca. 14th minute

Best regards,


  • Hello !
    I finished editing the next video: 1st part shows the Tabernas desert (feeling like cycling in Marocco) , than the Puerto Escúllar ascent (2036 m) from Abla. On the ridge of it I saw deers after sunset and at 1 am. I experienced local concert in a village ! :)

    Best regards,
  • Hello guys, girls ! :smile:

    After editing cycling videos recorded in the Alps, now I edited a compilation video about my bicycle tour In Andalucia (year 2012) with cycling up to Pico Veleta (3396 m), Tetica da Bacares (2080 m), Puerto Ragua (2000 m), Puerto Escúllar (2036 m), cycling along the coast + through Tabernas desert... etc.

    This is the 1st part with english subtitles :)

    The route - this part shows - was: Malaga - Puerto del Leon (view) - Almunecar - Mirador Cabra Montes (view) - Motril - Haza del Lino (Veleta panorama) - Motril - Granada - Pico Veleta - Granada
    Have pleasure with the video !

    Best regards, Gabor

    My facebook page ( ) where I will post infos, photos, videos about my tours, experiences (more than 30.000 kms in the Alps, Pyrenées, canary islands & Andalucia) ... about cycling high .. and plan an article or list / collection about the most wonderful paved climbs (finishing above 2000 m) of the Alps, Pyrenées, Canary islands & Andalucia /
  • letap73letap73 Posts: 1,608
    Thank you for this - I am thinking of cycling in Andalusia and these videos are very useful.
  • has anyone ridden in Andalucia region March time please?
  • paulwoodpaulwood Posts: 231
    Don't know but I'm going down there on March 1st to find out :-)
  • Yes, I have been riding in Andalucia many times in February/March/April.
    Most likely, the weather should be good enough +10-20C and sunny, but definitely, you may got some rainy days too. The weather is quite unpredictable. I have experience, that February was really hot and March rainy and chilly and vice versa.
    I would definitely recommend to stay somewhere in the area from Rincon de la Victoria till Nerja. That isn't the most popular destination for tourists, but definitely better for cyclists comparing to Marbella and that area: 1) more roads and route options; 2) a lot of options for flat roads and climbs (enough roads for more than week to ride new route every day); 3) less tourists and traffic; 4) cheaper accommodation and meals.
    Routes and climbs - go to Parque Natural Montes de Málaga or Parque Natural Sierras de Tejeda. All roads to there are good and beautiful enough. If non-riders travel with you, rent a car and ask them to drive to Granada and you go for a long ride and ride from the coast to Granada by bike, climb Pice de Valeta, visit Granada and definitely Alhambra! That's a fantastic ride and perfect excursion. Visit Nerja and Gibraltar too.
    Enjoy riding there:)
    I found better place where to go on a bike camp in the Spring - Gran Canaria:)
  • thanks for the info!
  • Hello !
    Now I'm pleased to present the 2nd part of the best of video about our bicycle tour in Andalusia (2012). The video shows this route:
    Granada - Pico Veleta (3394 m) - Granada - Guadix - Qu?ntar - La Calahorra - Puerto Ragua (2000 m) - Fondon - Abla - Puerto Padilla / Esc?llar (2036 m) - Fondon - Tabernasi (f?l)sivatag - Tabernas - Velefique - Tetica de Bacares (2080 m) - Almeria (and from here cycling the Costal de Sol ) - Castell de Ferro - Nerja - Malaga

    This part is not only about mountains, but desert, sea and mountain lake can be seen too
    Have pleasure with the video !


    PS: The following video in my collection will be the brutally hard ascent to Grosse Oscheniksee (2394 m)
    ( adventures, bicycle tours, videos, photos based on experiences of cycling 271 times above 2000 m )


  • HertsGHertsG Posts: 129
    A popular ride is from Torrox Costa to Competa (636m).

    The road was resurfaced a few years ago and is now like Box Hill - except about 25 times as long!

    Don't do what I did and rent a heavy ill-fitting MTB from Competa in the height of summer - and then ride down the mountain first! The ride back up (without adequate water) nearly killed me!
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