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Pedal service help

blobbiblobbi Posts: 42
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I have a pair of Time I-Clic racer 2. I'm not completely enamoured with them to be honest and today the carbon blade broke on the left one. I have a spare lying around the house and tried to take the carbon blade out but my T20 screwhead will not fit as the bloody as the male bit in the times is too big. Pain in the bum. Any ideas, I can find nought on the web? Is there some special french screw head I need?



  • trooperktrooperk Posts: 189
    Oops :oops: ,didn't see you got some already,try Dremal the middle bit out.
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  • blobbiblobbi Posts: 42
    Does that mean drill a bit out of the screw head? or out of the pedal.
  • blobbiblobbi Posts: 42
    Ok, so problem solved. Time i-clic carbon blade broken fix. Basically there is censored all on line about this as apparently (I use this word sparingly) Time like to service all their pedals themselves. The service tool that fits the screws is not available. Puts me off even more. So I took your advice, thanks trooperk, and basically used a hack saw to put in a thread. Tools needed:

    1. Hacksaw
    2. Flathead screwdriver (I actually used a chisel)
    3. Spare bits, Spare pedals come up quite frequently on ebay/forums as they had problems with the i-clic 1's where the platform broke.

    So I sawed a flat line in the top of the screws and undid them with the screwdriver.


    The carbon blade had snapped, probably because a little bit of a fat bast***d. It was a simple replace like for like.


    It was a really simple job to do and to insert a spare set of carbon blades from a spare set that had the same problem. One thing to note, is that if you do decide to continue to cycle on them when they initially break, there is a small adjustment bit pointed out with the biro which had dropped out on the ones that broke. So pull it out and pop it into your saddle bag until you get home and can fix it.


    I imagine my warranty is now null and void, oh well.
  • What have you done?! You've made me realise that a tool exists that I don't own!

    All fixed now - but I'm £12 worse off having just bought a set of 5 lobe, centre pin Torx bits (most Torx fasteners are 6 lobe- your pedal screws are very visibly 5 lobe - although they're not pointed lobes so even these Torx bits might not have been right). eBay came to the rescue. It seems that several car manufacturers (and possibly Time pedals) have taken to using these to make self servicing difficult.
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