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How tough are XTR M985 Race Wheels?

Tally HoTally Ho Posts: 32
edited September 2013 in MTB general
I've got a set of the XTRM985 race wheels on a merlin malt 4 hardtail, and an upcoming race has a steep downhill concrete staircase on it and I'm wondering how these wheels will get on with that? The concrete step size is almost twice the size of average household steps, and about 50 steps total to flat hardpack at the bottom), I weigh 77kg and am not rough on the bike. I'll also be riding on 2.1 UST racing ralphs running around 38-40psi as a lot of the race is on dry hardpack and some pavement sections too. So will these wheels take it in their stride? or do I need to hike a bike down the steps to avoid knocking them out of true?


  • Chunkers1980Chunkers1980 Posts: 8,035
    Sounds pretty normal to me.
  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    They'll be fine, but really... twice the size of domestic steps? That's getting on for 18", that's going to be unrideable on plenty of XC race bikes - chainring-tastic!
  • Tally HoTally Ho Posts: 32
    That's given me peace of mind, thanks. And yes the steps are what I estimate to be twice the size of househould steps, more in the length of the step rather than height. The course is in Hong Kong and we have weird stuff like that over here.
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Big difference between length and height. Normal height and long steps are much easier.
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  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    That'll be alright then. Steps aren't too hard on wheels - assuming an even spacing they just bump down together. Just don't do anything sudden! Long and shallow will be far easier.
  • Thanks guys. Appreciated.
  • Speed will be your friend on steps.
  • defridedefride Posts: 277
    I've been running these wheels for a year on a hardtail, only getting out at the weekends at moderate pace for 1-2 hr, good enough to KOM a couple of local climbs and decents but not exactly all mountain. I'm same weight and like you I'm not heavy handed.

    Great wheels, light, lively and stiff enough for me, but.

    Strava is a new thing for me so two weekends ago I figured I'd give it everything on my fav local decent and see where I'd net out. Narrow trail, rooty in sections with a handful of small steps. Run it many times without issue. This time however I caught a hidden rock cutting a different line to normal. I run tubeless at 30psi and this tyre was due replacement, a 3mm repair in the sidewall and a couple of punctures that I'd had to stop to seal up on previous rides. I suspect the the tyre deflated then hit the rock but not certain. In any event, couldn't get the puncture to seal so stuck a tube in to get home. It was only when I bought a replacement tyre that I noticed the damage. The wheel was about 5mm out and had minor dents on both sides of the rim at the impact point.

    Took it to the LBS and they've trued it and feel its good to go. It's sealed up no problem and rides ok.

    Upshot, great wheel but like any not indestructable.
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