suspension seatposts ?

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as title says ?
I have gone from full suss to hardtail and miss the suspension a bit so was thinking of a suspension post and seen this ... 5d2abe07b5

anyone use 1 or similar ?

cheers andrew


  • fredblob
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    yeah ive tried one it wasn't all that great to be honest it weights a fair bit more also and i didn't really feel much difference.
  • apreading
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    My USE Shokpost is not bad - it works well and makes the difference that I was after but doesnt allow for any layback if you need that. I think any that arent 'inline' will not last long.

    The best one is the Cane Creek Thudbuster I think - much better than all the others but very expensive too...
  • cheers guys im still split :?
    may just look at a new full suss frame but im enjoying the hardtail so un decided :?:
  • jimothy78
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    You could always try the trick (which I've read about numerous times) of using a thickish shim and a much smaller diameter seatpost, which supposedly introduces a little bit of flex into the system to soften some of the harsher bumps. Only anecdotal evidence that it works, but easier/cheaper to try out as an experiment.
  • The Rookie
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    The seatpost itself will play a bigger part than the diameter.
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