Defy comp2 2012 or comp3 2014 ?

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I was set on getting the 2012 giant defy composite 2 , found the last one in a small, delivered for just over £1k.. LBS is now stocking 2014 defy comp 3 for just under £1k.

The 2012 comes with SRAM apex, the defy 3 2014 ultegra. Before I commit to one or the other is there anything else I should be concerning myself with other than the 2 is the higher model but 2 years older....any benefits of the newer composite 3 that could sway me that way?

Grateful for any advice or comment..

Thanks in advance.

Links to the bike specs ... -Bike.aspx ... 316/49819/


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    Tumbleweed? No one own a defy comp either SRAM or otherwise? Grateful for any of you experiences.
  • I cant help you anyway, but for info both links were bad for me ...
  • The links you posted are broken.

    According to the Giant website the Defy 3 Comp is equipped with Tiagra, not Ultegra.
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    Thanks for the quick replies, had no idea the links were bad, hope this is better.

    Tiagra not ultegra, than you konkywonky. I'm still leaning to the 2012 version just wondered if I was missing an obvious advantage of the 2014 composite 3 model over the older comp 2 version.
  • SRAM Apex probably falls somewhere between Tiagra and 105, possibly a little closer to 105.

    Have you ever used SRAM? If not I'd advise taking a bike that is equipped with it on a short test ride to decide if it's for you.
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    I have the defy comp 2 and it was £1450 so to get one at just over a grand is a bargain.Sram is fine and it,s a complete apex on the defy 2.It is the same as 105 in the speck list.You wont be disappointed with either bike.
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    Elderone, thanks fir tat, I'm nearly there with the 2012 comp 2. What it of reds are you doing on yours? I'm looking at intermediate club runs , anything from 45 to 100 miles, some very hilly some fast ( for me anyway, 17 mph avg on a long run would be a v fast pace for me) . I did 102 on my own coupe if weeks back and I was wishing I had the comp 2 instead if the scaffold poles I was riding ( pinnacle sentinel 1, Evans own brand).

    Some club mates, more racers, are suggesting holding out, upping budget and getting a bike wth better kit than the SRAM Apex etc and better wheels. It threw me a bit , but the bids they are linking to me are all 1500 , well reduced from 2k and 2.5 k but still a bit too much.

    Grateful for any more. Sorry about initial links not working.
  • I've got a 2012 Comp 2. My first road bike, so can't compare it to anything. From what I can tell, the upgrades on the Comp 2 are - better groupset, carbon seatpost and maybe DT Swiss hubs, black bar tape.
    I have changed my tyres to GP4Ss and they increaed my average speed by about 1mph.
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    Geo555, thank you for your reply. How do you find the SRAM and have you found a need to use the 32 yet or is it more if an insurance policy, knowing that you can take that bike anywhere? Interesting about the tyre change.