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Sora shifter action

pilot_petepilot_pete Posts: 2,067
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Hi all

My 11y.o. Has just inherited his elder brother's Specialized Allez Sport which has Sora front and rear shifters. The problem is he just can't push he thumb shifter hard enough to drop the chain from the big ring to the little ring.

I spent an hour or so this evening getting him set up on the bike on my turbo and adjusting everything to fit him and it is all going great except for this problem.

I can shift it easily enough and everything is clean, lubed and working fine. I think it has always been on the stiff side even from new when my eldest son got the bike a couple of years back. I guess it is just the design.

So, anything obvious I am missing, or suggestions? Also, is there a more child friendly shifter on the market that has a much easier action for little, weaker hands?




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