Cheap but decent bar / stem combo

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Has anyone seen any good deals recently or recommend anything? Wanting to change the set up on my hardtail.

Are the ones on Superstar components any good?

Cheaper the better but I appreciate you sometimes get what you pay for. Only do natural cross country with the odd tail centre so don't need anything to strong or wide (680ish)+


  • ej2320
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    I've seen some second hand ones going cheap..

    Otherwise Superstar do a 700mm bar which should do fine
  • cooldad
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    Carboncyles do some nice stuff at very resonable prices.
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  • I can vouch for the superstar bars and stems they are good quality, light weight, cheap and best of all come in loads of bling colours to pimp ur bike out. Both my bikes have superstar stems and one has the bars.