Is it worth changing tyres for London to Brighton off road?

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So I currently have Maxxis Minion 60a 2.35 up front and Maxxis Ardent 2.35 60a on the rear. I am doing the London to Brighton off road 75 mile course later this month.

Over 75 miles in one day will I notice much difference using a more racy rather grippy tire set up?


  • BigAirNig
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    The guys I ride with have done this for the past 2 years and were talking about putting somewhat faster rolling treads on, than their usual - I gather the meaty grip is overkill for the course !

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  • Shylock
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    That is what I am thinking, that meaty grips comes with carrying high rolling resistance along 75 miles!

    Seems the rocket rons or racing rons seem to be aimed towards fast XC......anyone have experience of these?
  • njee20
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    Rocket Rons or Racing Ralphs are both great tyres, the Rons are lighter but more fragile. I'd go for a Ralph. Great summer tyre.

    That said, I'd say it's overkill to buy tyres for a single ride, so I'd only do it if you plan to keep using them.
  • I agree those aint cheap tyres for just one event and although I do Duathlons my gut feeling is in the mud these will not be up to spec. The idea is just to cut some of the rolling resistance as over 75 miles I am sure this will add up.

    What cheaper options are there (remember this is not for setting KOM's but reducing that rolling resistance!)
  • njee20
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    Fast Freds will be adequate assuming it's dry.

    Rons are ok if it's wet mud, not much good if it's sticky though.
  • What about just a cheaper 1.7 width hybrid tyre??