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Braze on front mech with a clamp

munkstermunkster Posts: 819
edited August 2013 in Workshop
Hello - I've had cause to get a braze on Shimano front mech which I've never used before but I have a clamp to attach it to (from another Shimano front mech) so that seems to work fine. Question is, there is a "radius washer" between the bolt and the main body of the mech (item 7 in the pic from the tech doc below) - do I need this if I am using a clamp or is it only used for a proper braze on fitting? Seems to fit fine without it (and can't actually see how it would work anyway since the front facing side of the clamp surface is flat) but unsure whether I've missed a trick. Any (polite) suggestions gratefully received.



  • styxdstyxd Posts: 3,234
    You probably won't need that washer if you're using an adapter since it'll have a square face.
  • munkstermunkster Posts: 819
    My thinking yeah, just wanted to check I wasn't missing something. Cheers.
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