Small, lightweight bike needed

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I go riding with my son and most of it is in parks, in the woods, on gravel paths or mud. Neither of my bikes are suitable for this terrain being 700x23 and 28 so I bought a cheap second hand Trek 3700 MTB last week. Whilst the bike is in excellent condition, I have to get it up some stairs to where it resides in my flat. Not a problem.

But in order to clean it, I need to get it down the back stairs into my garden, they are incredibly narrow and it's a bit of a task because of it's size and weight.

Anyone any suggestions?

Current thinking is just a BMX Cruiser. My son is 6 so I don't need gears.


  • defride
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    Your son will turn 7 then 8 and a single speed may become more and more of a chore. Assuming you're already happy getting it up and down have you considered putting CX tyres on the hybrid?