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xisforxrayxisforxray Posts: 11
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Hi Guys,

I wanted to hear your opinions before I purchase a new bike. I have a budget of around £12000.

I was looking at:
- Pinarrelo Think 2
- Cervelo S5 VMD
- Scott Foil Team Issue

Also I don't know much about wheels so would like some advice.

I have been cycling for 4years and I'm about to join a cycling club. I already ride sportives and completed the Rapha Rising challenge on Strava. I am taking part in London - Paris for MacMillan, and next year would like to climb alpe d'Heuz.

Your advice would be greatly appreciated.


  • GrillGrill Posts: 5,610
    Of those the Foil. Lightest, stiffest, cheapest, and prettiest.

    Although if your budget is in fact £12,000 (and you're not a troll) you should be looking at Storck, Legend, Parlee, Alchemy, etc.
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  • I'm honestly not a troll, however I am a bit of a noob. Never heard of the bikes you mention but i will check them out.
  • GrillGrill Posts: 5,610
    To be brutally honest, you're spending waaaaaaay too much on a bike (and this is coming from someone who spends more than you). But if you have the cash and want to spend it that way you should really be looking at the following:
    Storck Fascenario 0.6
    Legend HT 10.5
    Alchemy Xanthus
    Parlee Z-Zero

    Don't forget the wheels which MUST be Lightweights.

    Of course, you could go super-pimp with head to toe AX-Lightness using the Alpha frame...
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  • itboffinitboffin Posts: 19,718
    i agree thats an unusual amount for a noob first bike but even so people have different reasons, i wouldnt rush out and buy a custom unique bike asx you've suggested, i'd go for something nice but off the peg like a top of the range trek, pinarello, cervelo, look, giant then ride it until i'd made it my mind for something custom.

    I agree on lightweight wheelset and the best groupset available
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