29er Recommendations £800 budget

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As the new models start to get released, I'm hoping to pick up a decent 29er for around 800. It will be used for a few off road triathlons, some XC stuff and the odd visit to a trail centre. Does anyone have any opinion over which of these will be most suited?

http://www.paulscycles.co.uk/m1b0s155p4 ... CER-2-2012

http://www.paulscycles.co.uk/m1b0s155p5 ... 9ER-2-2013

http://www.paulscycles.co.uk/m1b0s155p4 ... LOY-3-2012

http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/kona ... -prod95382

http://www.realcycles.com/m1b0s311p4606 ... le_20_2013

I think I'm favouring the Genesis and will hopefully get to go and sit on one this weekend, but it only has 80mm of travel on the forks - is that likely to be a problem?



  • mikey2341
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    It seams the Genesis is 80mm travel on the 16inch frame and I'm looking at the 19 inch which has 100mm like the other bikes listed. I can get the Genesis for 690, can anyone recommend anything better before I pull the trigger tomorrow??
  • mikey2341
    mikey2341 Posts: 170
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    they all look much the same,the Genesis and Kona have 100mm travel instead of the 80mm on the others,the genesis is air fork too,if i was buying probably go for that one....
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