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shimano 501 servicing.

elderoneelderone Posts: 1,410
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hi,I want to service my 501 do I get the to the hub bearings to clean and grease.
Are they a serviceable item at all?.
thanks for any info.
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  • Yes these hubs are easily serviceable as they are simple cup and cone - all you need is new balls, grease and the right size cones spanners. Check this for guide as to how to do it - ... adjustment

    Spare balls etc can be got a SJS Cycles - they are goo source if you need new cones or lock nuts and there is a post above about grease (use Park Polylube 1000 myself but it seems I am paying over the odds for branded grease as per usual!).

    I treated myself to nice Park single size spanners for a set of wheels I now don't have so now use cyclo multi ones which are fine and much cheaper.

    I have done my Shimano cup and cones a couple of times now and it you follow the guide and take a bit of care its not hard and very satisfying.
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