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Winter wheels

1_reaper1_reaper Posts: 322
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Hi. I've started my winter bike nice and early and started by using a Domane 2.3 which to be fair suits me fine with my current shoulder injuries. My old faithful Bonty race lites are well past there best now and have survived three winters and was happy with them. Tempted with some Bonty RL's to replace them as the stock Bonty wheels that came with the Domane are a tad heavy and are noticeably heavy to spin up to speed and hold there and sluggish on climbs. Anyone got any recommendations for a set of light but durable wheel set for winter duties? Thanks


  • I'm not sure what you class as lightweight but I just got a set of Hope Hoops on Alpha 400 rims. Solid hubs, 32 spokes and light rims make a good combo I feel. Came in at 1700g and 260 quid. I'm going to be relying on these for some time, including all winter.
  • Paul1000Paul1000 Posts: 192
    Can recommend fulcrum racing 5's, have them on my winter bike. Can be had for £160.
  • +1 for Fulcrum 5's

    Bomb proof so far and still true since the factory !
  • trojtroj Posts: 41
    HouseMunkey £260 for No tubes Alpha 400 on Hope Hubs. Seem too cheap. Where did you get these wheels??
  • troj wrote:
    HouseMunkey £260 for No tubes Alpha 400 on Hope Hubs. Seem too cheap. Where did you get these wheels?? ... 13296.html

    I felt like I was robbing them tbh
  • mikeneticmikenetic Posts: 486
    If they are for true winter duty go for Fulcrum 5 CX wheels. The seals on the bearings are much better. Although I like my standard 5s, the front bearings needed replacing after one winter. Not a major hassle, but if you want fit and forget, CX is where it's at.
  • brabusbrabus Posts: 138
    Are the fulcrum 5cx compatible with an 8 speed cassette? Had a look on line but couldn't see anything om this.
  • cyclecliniccycleclinic Posts: 6,865
    for the above yes. But surely winter wheels do not need to be race impired low spoke count jobs. Surely a higher spoke count wheel would be perfectly acceptable. Miche hubs are very relaible in wet filthy weather and even on salty roads. Rims like the Velocity A23, H plus Son Archetype, DT Swiss RR465 are all durable rims. There is alos the very cheap and durable Rigida chrina if you do not care about weight or how the rim looks. However pre built "factory" wheels will be cheaper.

    The factory wheel I would suggest is the Miche Reflex. Relaible and cheap (£120 or less) and it has a 24/28 spoke count.
    (nearly spelt count wrong dropped the o!) weight 2063g so not light but reliable. -wheel building and other stuff.
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