What pars will fit SWorks frame?

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I recently got knocked off my bike and as a result the frame is a write off. i have been offered an SWorks frame at a good price. i currently have tiagra and 105 parts on my bike thats a wirte off(which is also a specilized). These parts are still pretty new and in good working order. will they fit on an SWorks Roubaix frame? I know my friend had a problem getting brakes that would fit his old pinaccle but i assume that as its specialized to specilazed, the parts shoudl be ok to just move over.

Can anyone confirm this?



  • smidsy
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    Only limiting factors will be BB type and brake caliper drop. If these are the same then everything will fit.
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  • Monty Dog
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    Your only issue is likely to be the bottom bracket fitting - the S-Works is likely to use Specialized proprietary press-fit BB and therefore you'll need the correct adaptors if planning to fit your Shimano cranks.
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  • themekon
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    I don't know about the current S Works but mine is 5 years old and a standard BB fits.