cranks and chainrings

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I've got a specialized enduro 08 and need to change the drive chain, cassette and chainrings. I would appreciate any suggestions on what would be a good replacement to go for as never needed to change these items before.
Have seen some 180mm cranks ( currently have shimano fc-m762 hollowtech 11 175mm cranks fitted)?

Any thoughts or recommendations appreciated


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    Do you want to change the cranks or just the chainrings?

    Why do you think you may want 180mm cranks?

    Chain KMC
    Cassette Best Shimano in budget
    Crankset SLX (assuming it will fit your frame, what crankset fitment do you have now?)
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  • Hi

    Not got much of a budget really especially as the new son starts nursery in a few weeks time

    I've got shimano hollowtech 2 fc-m 762 cranks 175mm long, it looks like for not a lot more than the cost of the sprockets I could get a crank and chain set and thought that there could be some sort of advantage gained by having longer cranks with slightly larger gears, but don't have any experience to base it upon