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Ladies shopping style bike?

DonkeywingsDonkeywings Posts: 79
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I hope no-one takes the pee out of this :-)

Having had mountain bikes for ages (I now have a Sunn Kern S1 Full Suss after destroying my Massi Akin at Swinley), I spent a very long time researching road bikes and ended up with a Trek Madone 3.1 Carbon which I absolutely love. My girlfriend feels a bit left out that I can go out for hours by myself, so we bought her a Halfords mountain bike for around £250. Which she doesn't like - wrong riding position, hurts back, etc.

She now wants a bike with a basket, so that we can go out together for a pootle around the New Forest or whatever. She has seen the Pendleton and Raleigh Caprice bikes and now wants one of those.

I have absolutely no idea what to look for in this sort of bike, and don't want to throw more money at something that is just junk (which is what I think of the Apollo and Carrera bikes we bought for her and the kids which, even being kind, are utter utter junk despite spending £200+ each) By junk I mean, weigh a ton, and have useless v-brakes that don't work, and just generally poor quality)

So anyway - any recommendation on a ladies, step-through bike? From the little research I have done they have between 3 and 7 gears. Does this matter at this level? Looking to spend a couple of hundred quid, and will consider second hand if it's worth while.

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  • zn533zn533 Posts: 66
    Check out the Pinnacle Californium bikes from Evans. My girlfriend loves hers - they're a good price, have strong (road!) brakes and an aluminium frame so are a little bit lighter than others of their ilk.

  • baudmanbaudman Posts: 757
    To a fair degree, the one SHE likes the best will be the best bike for her.

    If she loves her bike, she'll ride it more often. If it's some amazing vehicle with all of the best bits, but she's not enamoured with it, then meh - it won't get used.

    Of course, veto any boatanchors she may become enamoured with.

    Look at Ghost. They do an amazing step-thru with a triple and a chain guard. (A good mate bought one online - Ghost aren't distributed in Aust - or at least not at the time).
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  • Levi_501Levi_501 Posts: 1,105
    If she likes the colour, she will like the bike, it is as simple as that!
  • Daz555Daz555 Posts: 4,040
    My wife has the Pendleton - absolutely loves it.
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  • AlitogataAlitogata Posts: 148
    I agree with the ....floors above. :) Whatever she likes the most she will ride most.

    Check Raleigh Denmark and let her choose one of their models, which are made specially for Denmark market. I'm sure that she will find something that will like, and most important whatever you'll buy from there it will be of excellent quality, with good parts and a warranty.
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