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A luggage question regarding a cargo bike

daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 8,773
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Hello all,

not sure where to put this really, as it's not a touring question really, but I thought you may have some good advice,

I am awaiting delivery of the Kona Minute as referenced in the bargains thread on commuting:

Myself and my gf have a big Volvo which is converted to LPG, so it's fine on long runs, but what I want to do is to use this bike (We should both be able to ride it individually!) to ferry the new littleun around, and also go to the market, get the weekly shopping in etc etc.

It comes with large panniers, and of course we will need to fit a rear cycle seat in the not too distant future, but I am interested in fitting some kind of rear box onto the rest of the rack, or deck as they like to call it.

I have one of these for my commuter bike:
which is excellent, but not very large, and would not be big enough for what I am after.

In my mind I have something along the lines of a large plastic crate that I can bolt to the rear of the rack, and then probably use some bungee cords to hold a lid on to it, or it might come with a clip on lid, perhaps one of those big plastic storage boxes you get up at the retail park pound shop type places, and then mount it width ways potentially, on the rear of the rack behind the child seat, I could use some wood inside the box, and either bolt directly to the wooden rack, or just put another piece of wood underneath the rack and bolt between the two.

These are the kind of things I am thinking of (But in hindsight a fair bit smaller):

Has anyone done similar to this and possibly have recommendations for mounting systems, and or boxes to use for the carrying of shopping etc etc?

I don't need anything too flash, and it doesn't need to be majorly watertight I guess I can easily drill holes in the bottom for drainage, but I think a lid would be handy - one of the ones where the lid is permanent, and just opens either way looks useful, as I would only need a small bungee cord to hold that on whilst riding.
No need for security when parked up, as I would just leave it empty, and people are welcome to open it up to have a look, as long as it is fairly well bolted on, I can't imagine anyone would overly be bothered to try and nick it - I expect they will be after the bike more than a box :?

Many thanks

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  • simonheadsimonhead Posts: 1,399
    I see a guy with a plastic crate on the back of his dutch bike some mornings, by the look of it he has drilled holes through the bottom of the crate and then cable tied it on to the rack. He sometimes has a puppy in it and other times the puppy is on a lead with the basket full of stuff from M&S. I guess if i were doing a similar thing that i would use the same approach, cable ties are cheap and easily replaced, I would just make sure I found a pretty sturdy crate.
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