Bit of a long shot - Static Exercise Bike buying advice

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Hi All,

I think this might be a bit of a long shot but here it goes ...

My parents have said they want to get an exercise bike to help them get a bit fitter and less fat.

They are very unlikely to ever go on a real bike ride so the idea of a normal bike and turbo trainer is a no go. It needs to be a static exercise bike type thing.

While I know quite a bit about mountain bikes I know nothing about exercise bikes. I've had a search on the web for buying guides but all they do is explain the jargon rather say which brands are good or bad.

Do any of you lot have an clue about this stuff? What brands are good? and how much should I be looking to spend?

They are after something quite simple and basic. They just need the ability to sit and spin on it for a while. Don't need anything fancy like tracking their progress or posting results to facebook etc ... If it folds up then its bonus but not essential. The budget is flexible, I've guessed that £300 should cover a decent one but if not I can go back and save up. I'd rather take longer and get the correct bike even if it costs more.

Many thanks, Jai


  • check out deals on Amazon.. I got a York C101 for £90, reduced from nearer £300 iirc.
    Great bike, had no idea what I was buying but went for something with good reviews and something that looked a bit more sturdy than others.

    I got a similar one for my folks from Amazon a few months later.

    One thing to note, if your folks are as wrinkly and old as mine (60-70) then don't bother with the heart rate monitor on the bars - they look like metal contact points. It just doesn't register for my parents but is fine for me, so must be to do with their old veins or something.
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    They would do better going for a walk. I'll wager a tenner it's stuffed in the shed within a month having been used twice.
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    cooldad wrote:
    They would do better going for a walk. I'll wager a tenner it's stuffed in the shed within a month having been used twice.


    but check out Cycleops ranges which I believe are pretty good. I have one of their turbo trainers which works well.
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    Apart form finding a bargain on Amazon, are there any particular brands I should go for or ones that I should avoid?

    They do go for walks but they want something else for when the weather is bad or fancy a change.

    Thanks for the info so far.
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    the gf bought an everlast one from argos. £90 iirc. not too bad but the hardest setting is too easy for me and the calorie counter is way out. but not too bad a s a cheap and cheerful bike.

    but as said above, I think she used it for 2 weeks and folded it up in the corner :lol: