Shimano Alfine Hub rotor removal

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I'm trying to replace a broken spoke on my wheel but before i can do that I need to remove the rotor (disk brake) from the hub gear. (SHimano Alfine Sg-S500). This is where i'm having trouble, i have no idea how to remove the rotor as there are no obvious screws to undo.

My hub looks similar to this: ... sc-hub.jpg

I can't find any videos online of how to do this. Only exploded drawings of the components which dont really describe how to take it apart.

Any help would be great..




  • Hi,
    I can't be certain but I think the disc is centre-lock and will be held on by a lockring at the hub. If so you'll need a cassette lockring removal tool to undo it.
    Hope that helps
  • ibanksy
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    Hey thanks for the help, i'll look into it tonight. A friend of mine going to lend me his cassete lock tool and chain wip tomorrow.
  • redvee
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    No need for a chain whip on center lock discs.
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