More Front Derailleur Angst

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I have been experiencing the occasional and annoying instances when I change down from the large to the small front chainring, it unships having been shifted too far. I have replaced the cable (it was due anyway), checked the tension and set the limits screws so that there is no rubbing between chain and FD in top or bottom gear.

On the bike stand, all is well except that it still unships once every 20 shifts or so. Every now and again the FD seems to shift it too far to the left and therefore off the ring.

Any ideas?



  • diamonddog
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    Cable tension?
  • The inner limit screw really set right ?
    If the FD seems to shift too far to the left - then the limit stop is allowing it too much freeplay

    it shouldnt be cable tension -as its the spring in the FD bringing it back in line
  • gozzy
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    If it's going off the inside edge your low limit screw is set wrong. It should just need adjusting a little to stop that happening.