Bib Repair?

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Had my first proper "undignified unscheduled dismount" at the weekend.

Body - reasonably stiff and sore

Bike - unmarked (threw my body under it to protect it)

£100+ cinelli body paint bibs have a 20p size hole in them.

Are they forever destined for the winter + tights shift or can this be repaired?????


  • sungod
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    i've repaired body paint bibs with wetsuit repair patches, they are iron-on

    cut the patch to be 3-4 cm bigger all the way around the hole, a curved edge, no sharp corners

    put the patch on the inside, take care that the bib fabric is not under tension as you iron, then it will give an even finish and not bunch/drag when you put them on

    iron needs to be hot enough to get a good bond

    do it right and they'll last a long time - i fixed a pair with multiple holes on the thigh from an accident in late 2010 (got new ones on insurance), then used them 400+ times for daily commuting, retired them earlier this year as i'd accidentally ripped the stitching on the pad and it had started disintegrating
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    Thanks for the advice
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    Wow excellent advice.

    CN you recommend the wetsuit repair or will any do?