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Replace my stollen bike

da1esmanda1esman Posts: 31
edited August 2013 in Your road bikes
A fortnight ago I had my garage broken in and had my beloved 21'' Joe Waugh 531 steel framed road bike stolen plus my Giant mountain bike and the wife's Gary Fisher mountain bike. Plus a large tool box of which the hack saw was used to saw through my security bolting the bikes to the wall. The police informed and paper work completed for insurance. Insurance have said I should have not kept a tool box in the garage allowing the culprits to release my bikes, so they have quoted £300 for all the bikes. So have searched the web for a steel framed bike as I really enjoy riding steel but every thing is well out of my price bracket even with me adding extra to my insurance pay-out.

So with the Insurance and me adding maybe £100 more, what out there in that price bracket. Not looking for a carbon frame.

Other than my mountain bikes not bought another bike apart from the JW bike


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