Attack/Force tyres

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Had a rear tyre blow out on a virtually brand new Force, split is about 10mm from shoulder of tyre going towards tread. this happened as i was coming to a stop, there was no glass or sharp objects in the vicinity where i stopped.

Anyone else had any similar issues with these tyres.

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  • TakeTurns
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    The inner tube was most likely pinched in between the tyre and rim. Did you recently fit them on? Most importantly, did you check all the way round before pumping them up?
  • philbar72
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    sounds like an incorrect fitment to me involving a pinched tube. Did you experience a pulsing sensation on the road with whichever tyre was affected.
  • I've been running these for around 4 weeks now and not a problem. I find they spin up and grip really well, although the 22 on the front makes me nervous on the big descents ! :D
  • sungod
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    op - if the tyre is split then it's most likely it was cut by something sharp, for the woven carcass to spontaneously fail in a cut is really unlikely

    the attack/force are quite thin, limited puncture resistance, the rear wears pretty fast, but all this is to be expected as they are race tyres, very grippy but the rolling resistance is not good, i have a few but as they wear out i'll replace with something with better crr, probably veloflex or the isogrip version of vittoria cx
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    I would say these are pretty good tyres with good puncture resistance.... Not had 1 puncture in about 2000 km on mine.
  • It's just luck of the draw. I had them for 6 months without issue. Then I punctured the rear twice in Jan.

    Then I was fine for another 6 months until I punctured on the glass covered high street near my flat. Hastily fitted a new tube but did a bad job... trapped the tube between rim and 2mi down the road my rear exploded ripping the tyre apart. :lol:
  • duckson
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    Had 1 puncture (ran over something and put a 5mm hole in the Force tyre so wrote it off) in about the 700 miles i did on it.
    Got another Force on there and its been fine in 400-500 miles (no punctures).

    I believe they are the same as the GP4000S but have one puncture protection layer instead of the GP4000S's two.
    Cheers, Stu
  • These tyres where fitted by the shop i purchased the bike from, i have since been back to the shop who said it was a pinch puncture and they are replacing the tyre FOC, so well happy.
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