Tired - in the head!

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I'm 51 and took up road cycling last year after decades of going short distances on a mountain bike. But I'm finding that after relatively short distances I get a very tired and a slightly achey head in the two or three days following a ride. Is this normal for a beginner at 50+? And if it is, is there anything I should do to help prevent it? My threshold at the moment is probably 8 miles at about 12-13 miles an hour. But if I go for 12 miles at 14 mph it takes a couple of days to recover. The routes I take have a few hills. I never really get out of breath and the rest of me feels OK. I always drink plenty, have tried energy drinks too. Any advice much appreciated!


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    Probably should have a chat with your GP.
  • No - go for an MOT at the GP's
    (it could be just that you aren't drinking enough, before, during and after a ride. it could be something completely different, truth is none of use are in a position to tell you)
  • Definitely sounds like a nutrition issue to me.
  • Boredsy, Like you I bought a road bike last year and ride between 20 & 40 miles 2 or three times a week. Did Manchester to Blackpool a few weeks ago with no after effects and I am 73. I think you should have a word with your doctor O just thought there is an after effect I have lost nearly 2 stone in weight and my collestral as gone to normal.J.Lo
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    Cheers sound advice. Thanks.
  • I have a similar problem that also affects me when walking long distances, mine turned out to be a combination of an underlying thyroid problem and vitamin deficiancy. Add to this poor intake of liquids. Definately worth getting an MOT at your GP to rule anything out
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    Agreed, GP visit for a check up. But you might think about sunglasses, this helped someone I know who had a similar problem. He wasn't an outdoorsie sort of person and found the bright light gave him a headache.
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    paulie_t wrote:
    Definitely sounds like a nutrition issue to me.
    Did you actually read the OP? Headache for three days after a short ride? Nutrition? Seriously... :roll:

    Another vote from me for a checkup at the doc's. A three day headache, even a mild one, following a short bike ride is not normal.
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