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Oil on new bikes fork stanchions

lewis87lewis87 Posts: 4
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I have a new Voodoo hoodoo and if I wipe the fork stanchions clean and go for a ride there will be oil smeared up the stanchion like in my picture. I don't know much about bicycle forks but if my motorbike did this I would presume the fork seals needed replacing but this is a brand new bike, is this normal?



  • 97th choice97th choice Posts: 2,222
    I had the same on the suntour raidon on my bizango, it went away after a while
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  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Generally a sign of lots of oil on the wipers, which is a good sign.
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  • The top seal is a dust seal , beneath that is usually a foam ring that's covered in suspension oil . As Cooldad says the oil is a good sign as the stanchions are effectively being cleaned and lubricated every time the fork is compressed.
  • lewis87lewis87 Posts: 4
    Cool, thanks guys.
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