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The Tuesday tedium thread

ste_tste_t Posts: 1,599
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Working what is unfortunately becoming the norm, 6am-midnight shift. New bike is here with me, booked into lbs round the corner, just counting on mr postman delivering the bottom bracket bearings for the lbs to fit.

Workstand and tools in the car, so assuming all goes to plan I'll have a little skive later to fit cranks and set up the gears. Here's hoping!



  • angry_birdangry_bird Posts: 3,784
    Morning bumders

    Last week of vet meh of the summer begins today. 4 days until a week in the Lake District. That is all.

  • welshkevwelshkev Posts: 9,690
    morning all,

    good weekend, but no bike riding involved!

    went camping and drank a metric fuckton of cider on Saturday night, woke up on sunday feeling like a truck had run over my head and spent the rest of the day asleep :lol:

    was supposed to go for a ride last night but had a large dose of CBA!

    got the bike n the car and i'll be off to FoD after work.

  • pilchpilch Posts: 1,136
    Morning back to workers...

    Good weekend spent all day sun on a bike pub crawl then had an epic ride out from Hope to cut gate and back yesterday, glorious weather and not too wet considering the rain we had.
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  • Morning Losers!
    Today I have my appointment at the Fracture Clinic with "The Bone Doctor" where I'll hopefully find out how bad the break is, get a new cast (I'm trying to get a moon boot if the break isn't too bad) and find out about the work situation. Even though I'm enjoying being at home, I have a shootload to do at work, and I like proving my point that I'm desparately needed, as it helps my chances of a payrise!

    Anywho, I will report back later with my learnings, and hopefully grab a photo of the x-ray if it's worth it.

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  • ThewaylanderThewaylander Posts: 8,767
    Morning all,

    Busy weekend and pretty tired today, I have moved into my new flat and im officially a home owner! I now have my own big TV and a kitchen where i can cook and not be moaned at, these are great great things...

    Today though work meh, there trying to move our office to london so all chances are next year i might be redundent but least i have a lot of time to deal.

    laters mongs onwards to free lunch (while i have it)
  • lawmanlawman Posts: 6,868
    Morning biketards.

    Today is the beginning of the end of my summers work, as off Friday I shall be on holidays til I return to uni at the end of september, during which much training for the C2C needs to be done and potential new bike things shall be thought over and attempted to be justified, hopefully before I go back to welshland for my final year of studying.

    Until then it's more work meh, but at least I have the pub to look forward to this evening!

    Onwards to caffeine and boredom!!


  • Pesky JonesPesky Jones Posts: 2,986

    Absolotly shattered. Saturday and Sunday were raining all day so spent all day digging and building. Still managed to muster up the energy for a massive session at Danbury on the new bike which was awesome. It does feel sweet absolotly caning the guys on 5k full sussers on a hardtail :D
    :D:lol::)cooldad :shock: :? :cry:
  • ste_tste_t Posts: 1,599
    Just spoke to Leisure Lakes in Daventry to check they've posted my bb. Turns out they couldn't find it so ordered it from their Cheltenham store, who haven't posted it yet.

    To say I'm massively farked off would be a massive farking understatement.
  • Stevo_666Stevo_666 Posts: 44,066

    A manic long weekend just over.

    Had a decent day MTB'ing of sorts with kids in tow at Bedgebury. They are getting better with my encouragement esp on the down hill bits (anything that slants downwards, not DH). One slightly comedy moment was had when junior failed to realise that her V brakes were not as good as my disc brakes and ploughed into the undergrowth at the end of a long-ish down hill section :) No harm done but she now wants a bike with disc brakes - me and my big mouth :roll:

    Now knackered as a pedalled into work today on top of yesterdays fun. Even coffee isn't working...

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  • MissCMCMissCMC Posts: 545
    Weekend felt far too short.

    Wine and much food had on Saturday. Then sleeping on my mates sofa all afternoon and evening with even more wine and bad tv. The headache Sunday morning was evil.

    Ended up down the beach café for breakfast on Sunday. Beautiful sunshine and watching all the peeps out SUP-ing. I fancy a go at that. Then ended up ridiculing Waylander's ridiculously oversized tv and lack of channels as no connection as yet.

    Monday was up the Blorenge earning will points by taking Grandma out for the day. Found some nice new trails to run so it wasn't a total waste.

    Bridezilla is after me for help this weekend coming. The mothership has also decided to stay in France until a week today out of Bridezillas way. Funtimes.
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  • ThewaylanderThewaylander Posts: 8,767
    I will have channels monday now...

    And this is a forum of guys they will agree with me a TV can not be too big!
  • bg13bg13 Posts: 4,598
    Travelled from one side of the country to the other via a look at some doors and spaces in a building that will house an ex war machine that will become a training aid if it will fit in the previously mentioned building!!

    We'll get the bezzler lubed up and it'll slip right in!

    Food stuffs inbound and some loafing.....happy days!
    Loving life in rural SW France

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  • ClankClank Posts: 2,323
    Evening roadie scum,

    Today was a very interesting off-site visit, but it kept me away from interwebz. Back in the office tomorrow, though.

    The BH weekend was good, with me heading off Surrey-wards on the Friday for a weekend away with She With Boobs. It also featured playing with bikes, three kinds of hill, yoghurt pots, telegraph poles and some bloke called Barry, who apparently knew best. Fun times.

    It also featured a failed rad core on the way home, so a 2hr journey turned into about 4.5 and a 150 quid bill. Poo.

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  • Oh MaroneOh Marone Posts: 261
    I will have channels monday now...

    And this is a forum of guys they will agree with me a TV can not be too big!

    Congrats on the new flat.

    +1 there is no such thing as too big a tv.

    I wish I had bought a bigger tv when I got mine, going from a 32" crt to a 42" plasma seemed huge at the time but I wish I had gone for a 50+. Mind you the price of big tv's has dropped dramatically over the last few years, I think I paid about £1200 for my Panasonic a few years ago.

    Back to work today after a week off, a seriously large portion of cba and meh was had. I really really need to find a new job. Went for a 1.5 hour ride after work and didn't manage to fall off but did manage to go a bit faster over some of the dodgy ground which was good. Slowly improving, although my fitness still sucks.
  • tlw1tlw1 Posts: 18,922
    Day 3 of the JOGLE - has seen us back in England in Perth. Hard day with 143 miles - made easier by massive pizza, now in the pub on my own as the others have gone back to the hotel for sleep - gay
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