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Any advice for beginners to enduro?

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I've done mountain biking on cheap bikes for a couple of years now and it's only been mainly bridleway rides, sort of steep climbs (5-10 degrees) shallow descents and a beginner single track or two.

The problem is that i'm stuck in a position where I cannot afford any bike that doesn't have Suntour forks, I have little choice of trails within a 10 mile radius, and I have no means of transport other than by bike to get anywhere.

To go on top of it, I know only a couple of people who go mountain biking but they're only interested in cross-country/double-track stuff and I don't know anyone who is a mountain biker at the LBS that's in my age range.

Is there any way that I can get into enduro as I've always had an interest in the more rugged side of the sport?

I've included a pic of the bike I'm using right now

Thanks :mrgreen:
My god road cycling is scary! I'm going to keep my relaxing rides to the trails where everything is green, fast and less crazy.


  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,547
    Find a way to get to a race.

    Lose (by miles).

    Learn from it.
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    how old are you? are you old enough to hop on a train by yourself? if so, do it and take your bike :D
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    Don't imagine that just cos your bike didn't cost an arm and a leg, it's going to be a major limiting factor - the voodoo range is well respected and recognised as one of the better budget options.

    For the most of the last year I was using an old pair of RST 90mm elastomer- and coil-sprung forks I'd picked up for £30 on ebay. They got me round red-graded routes at Cwmcarn, Afan, etc, plus the Bristol Bikefest 12hr race. Just get out and ride as much as you can and worry about upgrades as and when things actually wear out.
  • Might be worth posting your rough area, there's plenty of like minded people to ride with, you just need to put some time in to find them :)
  • MTB noobMTB noob Posts: 272
    I already cycle with Quest Adventure in Worthing on their monthly rides which are good but I would like to do more frequent group rides to build up stamina.

    I have done Brighton Big Dog's Little Dog in the past 3 years. I started from the bottom and gradually gained places in the leaderboards. This year was my first time doing the OneDerDog (with the adults) and I personally thought I did quite well (race number: 541 & 923).

    It's difficult to find mountain bikers in my age range as i'm only 16 and everyone I know who cycles are either into BMX or go to bike parks with their freeride bikes.

    The thing is I would like to compete at an adult level and do more rough riding without having the issue of age restrictions and things costing too much (as I'm now starting college and I've yet to get a job.)

    I can't post an image of my area as Bikely's down at the moment but I live in Worthing, West Sussex so I ride at Steyning Bowl, Cissbury ring, Chanctonbury ring and on occasion, over at Stanmer Park.
    My god road cycling is scary! I'm going to keep my relaxing rides to the trails where everything is green, fast and less crazy.
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    Whilst I'm not trying to put you off, enduro events are best enjoyed with a group of mates.

    It takes a fair bit of planning to get everyone there, on time, complete with bike an a box of spares, let alone employing mums to bake to required mountain of cake.

    There will be trails nearby, secret ones you have to look for which might be someones sneak through somewhere or head higher and play on the bridleways, even those have a dirt snake line down the side which you can have fun on.

    edit:- just looked at your location on google maps, it does seem pretty flat...

    Buy an OS map or pirate a gps (isn't that what the kids do nowadays???) and find somewheer new. Honestly it isn't that hard to have fun.
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    I don't know the Worthing area too well, but further west in West Sussex there are plenty of options:
    - by train you can get to Amberley which will give you access to Whiteways/Houghton Forest
    - by train you can get to Chichester or stations to Southbourne (where I live) which will get you to Kingley Vale / Stoughton
    - by train you can get to Rowlands Castle or Petesfield (or a fun 10 mile XC ride from where I live) you can get up to Queen Elizabeth Country Park (QE)... also from Petersfield you can get to Rogate.

    Sign up at Kingley Vale Mountain Bikers if you are interested in riding over this way... I am sure you will find someone who can show you around.

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  • MTB noobMTB noob Posts: 272
    I'll have a look about around in the area to see if I like it and if I do, I'll probably join the local group at Kingley Vale.

    Thanks for the suggestion, I haven't really ventured that far. I don't know why.
    My god road cycling is scary! I'm going to keep my relaxing rides to the trails where everything is green, fast and less crazy.
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