bryton 40 and starting recording

samsbike Posts: 942
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I have had this issue a couple of times and am wondering if I am doing something wrong.

It lights up OK from the on switch. I then press the middle button on the bottom to start recording, it comes up with 'start' but then at the end of the ride, nothing has been recorded.

The software has been updated to the latest version, should I be doing something different?


  • OwenB
    OwenB Posts: 606
    Sounds the same as mine, however are you waiting until you've gotten a gps connection?
    I didn't once and it didn't record anything
  • samsbike
    samsbike Posts: 942
    Err no, I thought once start was pressed it would just keep going. I must check the manual to find the GPS symbol

  • CleeRider
    CleeRider Posts: 304
    Yes, what is the GPS symbol?
    I've been out twice recently and it says "Start" to signify that it's recording but it actually started recording after the first mile or so.
  • rolf_f
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    Little black flashing blob to the left of the battery life indicator indicates recording - if that is there then it should be recording. I think I press the start button again when it says start. It will record irrespective of whether it has a signal.

    GPS signal indicator is on the left - the little concentric semi-circles (or cross when there is no signal).
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