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Hi all,

My 1st post here. Please excuse me if it ends up in the wrong subforum.

I am moving to Manchester (new job) and am looking at places where to buy a flat/house. I used to live before in North and Central Europe and for a short period in London, but know very little about riding in Manchester. I will work on Oxford Rd and hope to find a place to live from where it is no more than 45 minutes riding to work. I have been looking at properties in Prestwich, Heaton Chapel, Sale, Altrincham, Chorlton. I'd be very grateful if someone local could tell me whether the roads from these places to Oxford Rd/city centre are OK for cycling? In addition, I wonder how are the roads out to Peak district from these suburbs? Should I prefer any of them in this regard? I'm into road cycling and hope to do some short rides in the countryside also on workday evenings/mornings and perhaps join a local club. Really looking forward to the move up North as the Peak district and surrounding areas seem like great places for cycling. Many thanks in advance for your advice!


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    I live in Altrincham and find it generally a great base for road cycling (with the exception of it being generally flat). I tend to try and get an hour or so after work and head out towards Dunham, Warburton, Lymm, Rostherne, Ashley and Hale (or a selection of them).

    You can generally avoid traffic and be out in the country in no time.

    I also ride up to Kettleshulme once a month via Wilmslow, Prestbury, Bollington and Pott Shrigley. Tend to head back along the a6 through Disley, Hazel Grove, then back. It's about a 75k loop.

    I don't commute on bike but being honest, it looks grim from a drivers point of view although more and more doing it. The infrastructure is still poor though. The canal path is probably the safest option!
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  • The roads to Oxford rd are busy in the rush hour from all of those areas but many more people up here are commuting than a few years ago, any of those areas are no more than 10 mins from great riding and many many clubs, from deadly serious cycling clubs to relaxed .

    The Peak District is cycling gold and most clubs in south manc have regular runs into the hills, you will love it!
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    The Peaks are brilliant, 90% of my rides are in the peaks. I hope you can find a suitable route in because if not you'll be missing out!
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    Altricham a bit of a winner IMO. There's also Seamons cycling club.
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