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Need advice buying a bike for 4.5 year old

omarmomarm Posts: 73
I want to buy a bike for my son. Age: 4.5
Where should I buy?
eBay? Amazon? Halfords? Decahlon?

What size bike? 12 inch? 14 inch?




  • have a look here

    not cheap but after 3 years you can sell them for between 60-90% of what you paid for it depending how stupid the people on ebay are :) Just sold a 3yr old beinn 20 small for £215 that I paid £300 for the week before they were selling for £270+

    really lightweight,good quality components,high residual value
    Focus Cayo Pro
    Cotic Soul custom
    Merida Cross 4
    Planet X Dirty Disco custom cyclocross
    Tern D8 clown bike
  • cwillcwill Posts: 7
    I can second the Islabike recommendation, we are on our fourth now, we went from the Rothan balance bike, to a Cnoc 14 at 3.5 to 4 years and he will be on a Beinn 20 small probably next year at 5.5 to 6 years.

    His sister is 8 and is on Beinn small, so depends on the child really, but Islabikes have a great sizing chart ...

    Hope that helps.
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