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Advice needed quick!

Rigger/friggerRigger/frigger Posts: 44
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Hi all,

I am very new to mtb, that new I haven't got a bike yet! I recently went to whinlatter in the lakes and completed 2 red runs and I have been bitten by the mtb bug!

I know this topic has been done about a thousand times but I really am in a pickle about what are the best components for my budget. I hired a cube analog at whinlatter and as I have nothing to compare it too I thought that was the best bike ever. At the minute I am seriously considering the cube analog as that's about my price bracket. Everyone suggests looking at the voodoos and boardmans, I am just worried about the whole halfords thing (I bought my young sons bike from there and they couldn't even see the wheel was buckled, even though it wouldn't do a complete rotation by hand), am I just been naive there?

I am basically asking for recommendations for bikes around the 500-600 quid mark, also some advice on what models of forks, brakes and gear sets I should be looking for/avoiding.

I will mainly be weekend ridding of decent trails and easy trails with the family.

Any help will be greatly appreciated in the quest to source that first decent mtb!

Thanks in advance!


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