Hellish Headset Help!

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I am looking to replace the headset on my Felt Ar5 to something lower in stack height (get aero or die trying). It is currently a "FSA 1.125" Integrated w/ 25mm aluminum cone spacer, 2 x 10mm PC headset spacer, Felt compression device, aluminum top cap & 7075 aluminum bolt" and the bit i want to change is the 25mm cone spacer. Is this possible as I really want to 'slam' it but is it do-able?

Any help greatly received :)



  • turnerjohn
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    I've a carbon fibre 5mm (approx) top cap that would replace your FSA one that I don't need (came off a Trek madone I had but wanted a bit more height)....I just can't get it till next weekend if your ok waiting ?!
  • That would be super :) I can send some money for postage if you like?
  • turnerjohn
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    ha well Im not giving it away ! its worth a fair bit being carbon and original ....I wouldn't want much for it. will take a picture next weekend, pm me your email address if your interested.